Expo 2020 – Dubai-Guest Services Deputy Manager

Expo 2020 - Dubai-Guest Services Deputy Manager

Department Definition

The role of the Event Operations Front of the House (OPF) department is to manage activities across the event delivery of Expo 2020. OPF includes the following service areas: (1) Guest Services, (2) Transport Traffic & Parking (3) Venue Management and (4) Fleet & Site Tours, (5) Event Delivery Office and (6) Health and Safety.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of the Guest Services Deputy Manager – Staffing position is to support in the development of the GSE workforce operational plan by staffing category (paid staff, volunteers, contractors). This includes daily run sheets, check-in/check-out procedures, briefings, equipment distribution, deployment and redeployment, break times, post-prioritization plans, debriefings and daily reporting requirements and timings. This position will support the scheduling and rostering plan and implementation for the GSE team in conjunction with the workforce operations team ensuring worker welfare laws are adhered to.

The main responsibilities of this role include:
  • Support the recruitment and onboarding of GSE paid staff including from the Expo Generation Programme and Secondee Programme;
  • Coordinate staff assignments into GSE event time roles in the workforce system and redeployment plans from other functional areas;
  • Develop the scheduling and rostering plan for all paid staff based on worker welfare laws and retention plans;
  • Support the assignment of volunteers into GSE roles based on the skills matrix, job descriptions and operations;
  • Develop the scheduling and rostering plan for volunteers understanding short and long term volunteer requirements, worker welfare laws and retention plans;
  • Ensure overall volunteer services are integrated into GSE staffing plans (i.e. recognition, meal vouchers, break areas, transport, etc.);
  • Develop the scheduling and rostering plan for contractors in line with worker welfare laws and terms of the contract and retention plans;
  • Support contracting organizations, monitoring SLA’s and KPI’s, operator attendance, invoices/payment, fine management, etc;
  • Establish reporting documents for contractors to complete on a monthly (pre event) and daily/weekly (event time) in conjunction with KPIs;
  • Identify potential risks, issues and challenges on the staffing operations and develop mitigation plans.


4+ years in a manager role working on a previous major event programme, with specific experience related to developing Guest Services teams to put the Guest Experience at the heart of decision making and service design;

  • A Bachelors degree within a relevant field;
  • Programme/project manager experience leading complex projects;
  • Experience in working in a multi-cultural organization, GCC region;
  • Experience in working on staffing plans and operations for big multicultural teams and events (short time to train people with no second chance);
  • Experience on planning schedules, shifts and roster for a large team with multiple individual situation related;
  • Experience in leading paid staff and volunteers;
  • Experience in managing contractors;
  • Knowledge across all key event operational functions, understanding the Guest Services dependencies with the other operational functions and non-operational directorates;
  • Communicates well and consistently at Director/Executive level down to large teams of workforce e.g. volunteers;
  • Management of a large departmental program a necessity.


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