Expo 2020 – Dubai-Manager

Expo 2020 - Dubai-Manager

Department Definition

The role of the Event Operations Back of the House (OPB) department is to manage activities across the event delivery of Expo 2020. OPB includes the following service areas: (1) Cleaning & Waste Management, (2) Logistics, (3) Site Management, (4) Landlord Asset Handover.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of ‘Warehousing manager’ will be to support the Senior Warehousing Manager to ensure that Expo 2020 warehouse(s) or sub-contracted warehouse(s) are operated according to relevant standards and procedures necessary for Expo operations.
The Warehousing Manager will be accountable for ensuring coordination of receipt and dispatch of all materials and equipment, storage, inventory control and packaging for distribution at the various warehousing and storage locations. Materials for the Event will be stored at locations both on- and off-site.

The main responsibilities for this role include:
  • To support the Senior Warehousing Manager within the Event Operations Logistics Function, to ensure that material and equipment for Expo 2020 and all key stakeholders are stored at locations according to relevant standards and procedures necessary for event operations;
  • Assist and liaise with the other Logistics workstreams (i.e. Customs & Freight Forwarding, Material Management, Distribution, Venue Logistics, Programme Management) with their requirements to support an efficient and economical end-to-end Logistics operation;
  • Assist, liaise, support and work collaboratively with the Expo 2020 Official Logistics Partner in relation to the Warehousing elements of the Logistics Services Agreement;
  • Define the short term and long term goals and objectives for the Warehousing workstream and agree these with the Senior Warehousing Manager;
  • Continually improve Expo 2020 Warehousing Processes, Policies and Procedures;
  • Agree with the Senior Warehousing Manager, deliverables on a weekly rolling basis;
  • Prepare yearly to end of event plans and budgets for the Warehousing workstream;
  • Manage multiple warehouse sites across Dubai;
  • Lead on the development of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to proactively manage, monitor and account for all assets within the warehouses and plan for inbound/outbound shipments;
  • Monitoring the Distribution Team’s detailed shipping and ground transportation schedules to ensure that dispatch from the warehouses are conducted in a timely and cost efficient manner.


6 years’ experience in management of logistics and warehousing operations;

  • A bachelors degree within a relevant field;
  • Experience of working with or for third party logistics contractors;
  • Demonstrable excellent MS Excel skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship skills;
  • Ability to interact with a wide variety of stakeholders (internal and external);
  • Excellent communication and writing skills and the ability to communicate well and consistently at Director/Executive level down to large teams of workforce e.g. warehouse labour;
  • Experience in resource rostering and scheduling;
  • Experience in major events.


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