Housekeeping Attendant at Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts Autograph Collection Hotels – Dubai

Housekeeping Attendant at Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts Autograph Collection Hotels - Dubai

Job details

    • To be changed and ready for work at appointed time as shown on Rota. Ensuring your uniform and badges are worn as per Hotel standards. If you are sick, ring in before duty commences and speak to the Duty Housekeeper / office coordinator.
    • Collect room allocation list and appropriate section key. Sign for your key and be responsible for that key during your shift. Never loan your key to anyone, even a work colleague. Return and sign key back in before leaving the hotel.
    • Responsible for the presentation of your trolley during the shift. Ensure it is kept neat, tidy and stocked with the correct amount of guest supplies and linen. Making sure your trolley is not causing any hazard or obstruction
    • To make sure that your trolley does not damage the corridor in anyway.
    • To be fully conversant with standard cleaning procedures and the correct usage and dosage of each cleaning chemical. To be aware of and adhere to Health and Safety
    • Regulations and to ensure that these are complied with at all times.
    • To clean and supplies all assigned guestrooms and bathrooms to the Lapita, Autograph
    • Collection Hotel standard / Brand standards.
    • Replenish all bedroom and bathroom supplies, e.g., Soap/Shampoo to Hotel standards.
    • Provide a turn down service to the Lapita, Autograph Collection Hotel standards.
    • Carry out spring cleaning of the bedrooms & bedrooms
    • Inform your Supervisor / office coordinator of any room discrepancies, extra departures, and extended stays. (The Team leader will also inform you if there is changes)
  • Report any breakage‚Äôs and lose to your team leader.
  • Report any loss, damaged or badly soiled linen to the Laundry in charge or your supervisor / office coordinator.
  • To assist in the linen and bedroom inventory.
  • Report to your Supervisor / office coordinator any maintenance faults or hazards in bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors or equipment immediately.
  • Report to your Supervisor / office coordinator any damaged fixtures and fittings which need replacing.
  • Maintains your department area safe, hygienic and presentable state at all times and to report any damage to furniture, fittings and equipment to your Supervisor.
  • Make sure that your corridor is clean and tidy free from all items before you leave your area.
  • To remove all linen and rubbish to the correct areas at the end of your shift.
  • To make sure trolleys, vacuum cleaners and cleaning buckets are cleaned and re-stocked correctly and stored away at the end of your shift.
  • Ensure all department equipment, service rooms and store cupboards are maintained at the required standard and are left clean, tidy and locked at the end of each shift.
  • To follow the correct procedure for the storage and recording of lost property.
  • Familiarizes yourself with your departmental service performance & product standards and to be able to demonstrate their application consistently.
  • To be aware of all current Company and Departmental Policies and Procedures, ensuring these are adhered to at all times.


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