Nestlé-Order Fulfilment Analyst

Nestlé-Order Fulfilment Analyst
Position Snapshot
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Position Summary

Responsible for effective management of stock allocation process, including proactively reviewing demand & supply simulations and executing customer behavior analysis. Collaborates across market functions to align on actions to mitigate risk and impact, while enhancing the business’ ability to provide proactive communication to customers in need for out of stock situations.

A day in the life of…
  • Analyze data to perform Customer Behavior, trend and risk analysis taking in account inputs from Demand & Supply Planning, Sales, Customer and Service Strategy as well to determine out of stock risks.
  • Help drive identification of actions (i.e. maintenance of quota, preventing issues in transportation in case big demand is detected, highlighting if customer didn’t submit order despite of forecast).
  • Identify the potential mitigation actions required to mitigate out of stock risks. Escalate and engage other functions, when required, to collaborate in determination of mitigation actions.
  • Participates in Demand & Supply Review Meetings to support in collaboration and alignment of actions to solve for out of stock situations.
  • Executes system parameter changes, including mitigation action setup, order modification & root cause code application.
  • Assigns exception codes for unconfirmed orders that require “Customer Contact & Issue Resolution” intervention for customer contact.
  • Analyzes the outputs and results of confirmed versus unconfirmed orders, within the ATP horizon, to determine potential urgent escalations and actions to solve for the unconfirmed in this reactionary phase of the process (e.g. escalation to DSP to discuss potential of changing plant sourcing or Transport for potential of changing routing days).
  • Monitors target achievements and KPIs/PPIs/Health Checks attainment for the function and team.
  • Participate in NCE operational review meetings and contribute to continuous improvement of Order Fulfilment process.
What will make you successful
  • 2-4 years’ experience within a Nestle market, region or CoC environment
  • Proficient in English/Arabic is a plus
  • Experience with and strong focus on customers
  • Strong Supply Chain and Demand Management knowledge and expertise
  • Strong attention to detail and results focus
  • A multi-tasker with good communication skills
  • Ability to function well within a team environment or independently and intuitive with an strong analytical mindset


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