Adecco-Hiring Farm Manager _Abu Dhabi location

Adecco-Hiring Farm Manager _Abu Dhabi location
Hiring Farm Manager _Abu Dhabi location

We are currently hiring for a leading Abu Dhabi-based agriculture and farming company
Job title :Farm Manager
Location : Abu Dhabi
Employment :Full time
Farm Manager main objective is plantation of farms in term of kind of Crops and Quantity based on the seasons. Also oversee the entire business aspect and operation of the Farms, manages the different sections of the farm operation such as plantation, Crops, Irrigation, Research and Development, Workshop and General and maintenance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan finances and production of Crops, and maintain farm progress against budgeted and parameters
  • Overlook and arrange maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment and obtain farm inventory.
  • Participate in technical aspect of the hiring and evaluating candidates of Farm Operation team
  • Maintain and monitor quality of yield
  • Study and react based on implications of weather and prepare contingency plans.
  • Ensure products are ready for deadlines for auctions and markets.
  • Ensure farm activities comply with government regulations.
  • Protect environment and maintain biodiversity.
  • Direct and plan activities of farmers in term of plant, cultivating, and harvesting crops, and applying the knowledge of growth characteristics of individual crop, and soil, climate, and market conditions.
  • Maintain well the quality the crops production.
  • Implement techniques of plantation, cultivation, and irrigation and harvesting of crops.
  • Implement techniques of fertilization, herbicides, and pesticides as international standard method and environmental friendly.
  • Demonstrates and explains farm work techniques and safety regulations and SOP to Farm head Section.
  • To carry out any other tasks or special projects as may be requested from him by the Farm.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in agricultural studies.


  • At least 10 years professional experience as Farm Manager in agriculture field.


WARNING!!! Never send money online to employers or recruiters. The Employer should provide all the documents free of charge including visa. Real recruiting agencies get paid by the employer. 

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