Full-time, Contract, Permanent

Storage Area Network Environment Management
Technical Responsibilities
Storage Area Network (SAN) Fabric Management Manage SAN resources, including fiber-based hubs, switches, and directors.
Manage SAN device configurations, including setting up zoning, worldwide addresses, and LUN masking.
Manage or Initiate firmware upgrades for SAN resources
Perform SAN device Incident and Problem determination and resolution
Perform SAN Monitoring and health checking

Storage Device Management
Configure the disk storage arrays. For disk arrays, this includes setting up RAID groups, spares.
Define logical volumes, in the storage arrays.
Perform storage device firmware upgrades.
Cordinate and managing microcode updates with Hardware vendors and support engineers
Perform storage device I/O Device Driver research and patch management, and apply fixes.
Configure Network Attached Storage Devices
Configure, Support Advanced Storage Replication and Copy Services
Configure and support point-in-time copy products
Configure and Support NAS Gateways
Configure and Support Cross-Array Storage Replication
Configure and Support storage virtualization products
Configure, Support Host Array Storage Logical Partitions
Configure and support host logical partitions in storage arrays
Creation of Logical Volumes (LUN) and mapping to Hosts\Host groups.
Zoning on Cisco SAN Switches.
Expansion of logial units online.
Configure Hosts and Host Groups on Storages after thoroughly analyzing the performance impact on the storage controller port and has approval for the change from L3 support.
Based on request creating storage shadow image copies for backup/restore & clonning purposes.
Based on requests setting up replications for drives /luns across the sites.
Monitoring all storages (SAN/NAS/OBJECT) & SAN switches and taking actions for the capacity & technical alerts.
Supporting DR activitives – Supending pairs /resync and reverse sync.
Decommission of luns,host and hostgroups.
Addressing the performence releated issues using hitachi tunning manager.
Identifying fabric issues, SAN connectivity and provides resolution.
Perform change, incident / problem management related activities
Storge reclamation

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: AED1.00 to AED2.00 /month


  • Storage: 5 years (Required)


  • Dubai (Required)


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