Sales & Operations Planning Analyst (Fresh Graduates Only)

Sales & Operations Planning Analyst (Fresh Graduates Only)

Sales & Operations Planning Analyst (Fresh Graduates Only)

Posted: Yesterday
Place: Dubai
To run Sales & Operations Planning for a designated region in order to provide comprehensive weekly analysis of operations movements on the ground. The S&OP analyst will also be responsible for collaborating with different functions within the network to enable superior delivery service to our customers.

Job Responsibilities:

Work with multiple departments to aggregate forecasts and create a prioritized list of supply requirements in various regions.

Measuring historical growth to predict future trends.

Validate the collected data and reports to run daily verifications.

Prepare and present reports on S&OP duties to senior management.

Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.

Be part of the communication and pre- S&OP efforts.

Dissect the various capacities involved from the First Mile until the Last Mile and identify bottlenecks

Share and communicate rolling capacities and forecasts with the necessary stakeholders.

Collaborate with ground operations and community operations assisting with data driven insights

Keep track of supply status across the network and pin- point problem areas.

Adjust price economics according to seasons

Derive and track multiple metrics that focus team efforts on process improvement.

Perform the preliminary research required to remotely launch new regions

Stay updated with latest technologies and innovations in the supply chain industry.

Perform market research and competition tracking activities.

Job Requirements (Experience and Education):

Communicates ideas both verbally and in written form in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

Expert in Microsoft Excel.

Team skills, including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships both internally and externally.

Knowledge in data collection systems or a proven ability to apply new systems effectively.

Personal commitment to stay up to date with all technology related concepts.

Ability to analyze and solve problems efficiently.

High work ethic.

Flexibility, versatility, and dependability.

Great communication skills and to be able to deliver the right message across to different parties in any given scenario.

Ability to thrive in a challenging working atmosphere.


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