Procter & Gamble-Analytics & Insights Manager

Procter & Gamble-Analytics & Insights Manager
Full-time, Permanent
Analytics & Insights (A&I) outstanding responsibility is to champion the voice of the consumer and be on the forefront of market trends. Our core work is the integration of consumer, shopper and market understanding to catalyze business growth across all of our business !
A&I is a consumer understanding powerhouse that is unparalleled in the industry for crafting and using proprietary tools and methodologies that fuel business growth and leads to breakthrough innovation ! A&I MANAGERS INFLUENCE THE DIRECTION OF OUR BUSINESSES BY:
1. Generating deep insights and coordinated stories to grow categories and Joint Business Planning

2. Clearly understand shopper needs, behaviors and motivations and activating that understanding to enable shopper-focused business choices;

3. Understanding consumer trends and behaviors to figure out best opportunities for growth;

4. Delivering successful brand execution, initiatives, and improving return on investment of marketing and in-store activities.

This role is responsible for India, Middle East & African markets with key focus on the Arabian Peninsula to Develop category where we need to grow the market via understanding the consumer needs and finding the relevant solutions and Work with different set of data (qualitative and quantitative) and work with a diverse team across several functions to develop the right growth plans as well as developing product communication pricing and sales plans.

Bachelors or Master’s Degree with Maximum 3 Years of Experience in Market Research.

The person needs the following to succeed in this job:
Passion for consumers and Eagerness to learn, and develop your gut about consumers and markets; Ability to put him/herself in consumers shoes. !
Interest to spend time with consumers in their real life environment (homes, stores…)
Being confident to combine data with judgment/ educated gut to guide teams with flexibility and Agility to navigate in a consistently changing business environment.
Collaborate with a culturally diverse team


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